Who We Are?

Bruce Ross Consulting is a boutique business intermediary catering specifically for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) operating in Australia and China. Our particular focus is on providing a personalised and ongoing service for Australian companies wishing to establish operations in China, or companies from either country who wish to market their products or services in the other country..

Many SMEs require additional funding in order to grow their businesses or to take advantage of new opportunities. Consequently we put a lot of emphasis on assisting companies to find equity investors or co-venturers, or alternatively distributors or licensees.

Our operations are centred in China’s Shanxi Province because we believe there are a much greater range of opportunities and less intense competition in a Tier 3 province than in the major cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. It makes sense to concentrate on a particular province because of the need to invest considerable time in building relationships in China in advance of doing business there and the fact that the business environment and culture is very different in the various regions of the country.

There are also many wealthy Chinese people who are keen to diversify their asset holdings by investing in a secure country such as Australia. We are actively seeking suitable opportunities for such investment, whether in urban or rural real estate or businesses whose owners, for example, are ready for retirement.

Shanyin County Mayor Nan Zhi Zhong outlining his County's preferential policies to Bruce Ross