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China admits it can’t feed itself – creating opportunity for Australian food producers

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China has abandoned its decades-long commitment to food self-sufficiency, recognising that increasing urbanisation and incomes, inadequate water availability and land degradation will lead to an increasing reliance on imported products. In 1978, China announced a determination to achieve self-sufficiency in food. The policy achieved such success that by 2002 the Country had become a net exporter of food, but this …

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Shanxi Province capital Taiyuan awarded Smart City status

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Taiyuan has been announced as one of nine pilot cities for China’s Smart City program. The nine were chosen to be the forerunners from a list of 90 cities identified as potential Smart Cities in January this year. In an effort to promote urbanisation and boost the national economy China is looking to transform cities combining government investments, modern infrastructure …

Shanxi Coal Miner

Shanxi’s coal mining wealth spurs diversification and transformation – and opportunity for Australian companies

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Coal mining companies in Shanxi Province have accumulated very substantial cash surpluses in recent years but have limited opportunities for reinvestment in their traditional industry. In addition government policy aims to fundamentally transform the Province’s economic structure and reduce its reliance on this single, polluting industry. As a consequence the mining companies need to seek alternative avenues for investment, and …

Shanyin County – Australian businesses should go where others aren’t

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Rather than joining the herd in the overcrowded and overly competitive major cities and coastal provinces of China, Australian companies would do well to consider an alternative strategy of entering into a region where competition from other Western-owned businesses is extremely limited and where they can obtain first mover advantages. Shanyin County is a district in the north of Shanxi …

Practical business wisdom in the Australian environment

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A leading Australian entrepreneur, Alan Williamson, who for many years successfully guided a regionally-based company in what was arguably the toughest of business environments, namely manufacturing textiles in Australia, recently established his own consultancy, WARTS – Williamson Associates Recovery and Trading Services. Each month Alan Williamson posts a commentary on the current situation for Australian businesses in the Blog section …